MCSA Office 365 Test, 70-346 & 70-347

So today I was able to pass the second test in the series of exams (two) to get the MCSA: Office 365 certification. This certification was challenging for numerous reasons! The most obvious being that the exam is new and there is not much structured training material out there yet, most of the resources I used were found digging around different Microsoft outlets. As someone who has done my share of Office 365 migrations, I had an easier time passing 70-346, which focuses more on the deployment process. 70-347 took me two attempts to pass, I must admit that my managing of Office 365 skills were a tad lacking, I normally do the down and dirty work and the customer might handle the fine tuning of the tenant settings. For what it’s worth, I have pasted links to the resources I used for studying, MAJOR thanks to Anders Eide for matching up the proper TechNet articles to the “Skills Measured” for each exam.

Official Exam Pages, See the “Skills Measured” for an outline of items.

TechNet Articles, this guy matched up the TechNet article links right to the exam “skills measured” from Microsoft.

Anders Blog, 70-346 TechNet Articles

Anders Blog, 70-347 TechNet Articles

MSDN Channel 9, Managing Office 365 Identities and Services (346 & 347)

  • This one covers material from both exams.
  • The SharePoint Online video was also helpful

Office 365 ProPlus Deployment for IT Pros (70-347)

  • Know all the different ways to use ProPlus, and the methods for deploying.
  • Understand what kinds of Data Telemetry can gather, and the compatibility with older versions of Office.
  • I probably watched these 3 times, the Click2Run deep dive is interesting but not necessarily on the exam.

Office 365 MCSA Exam Prep, Tech ED 2014

  • This is a quick presentation from a Microsoft professional at this years Tech Ed event, he discusses the structure of the exam and what to expect.

New: Managing Exchange Online Using Powershell

  • Great overview and introduction to managing Exchange Online via Azure Powershell, covers many of the cmdlets in the test.

Good Luck!

Update: Apparently you can now take these two tests online, I don’t have much information other than this reddit thread started this morning by someone from Microsoft.



  1. Anthony D

    Hi Kyle,

    How much study time did you invest per exam? Also, did you purchase any exam testing software?

    • kntg

      I studied about 1 month for each exam. When I studied there wasn’t any exam testing software out yet. I’m sure CBTNuggets and Trainsignal are bound to release something soon enough.

  2. spragji

    I am about start to gather information to prep for these exams. So Thank you for sharing. I would like to ask, how is the exam structured and measured as I am new to Microsoft Exams? Any help would be appreciated.

  3. Steve C

    Thanks for this, I found this from Anders Eide’s blog, both of you have helped a lot with my prep. 70-346 passed last week, 347 booked for 4 weeks time!

  4. Steve

    Hi Kyle. Do you think CBT Nuggets and Plularsight training videos would be enough to pass 70-347 exam? Without having hands-on with Office365?

    • kntg

      Steve, I think they would be an excellent start. The only thing I might recommend is signing up for an Azure trial, along with an O365 E3 trial, and going through the installation of AAD Connect, ADFS, and maybe even an Exchange Hybrid deployment. Good luck! When I took this test there wasn’t much for material outside TechNet, now theres tons of stuff, try Channel 9 MSDN videos too.

      • Steve

        Awesome. Thanks for your quick reply. I found Plularsight videos very helpful, whereas CBT Nuggets are more general and not as detailed. I’ll see what I can find on C9, thanks!

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